My Spiritual Journey

In early 2013 I had what I now call  an explosive shattering of my faith. I was raised in a devout Mormon or Latter-Day Saint home. There are many things about this that I am grateful for and many moral truths that I learned and strive to live by that I believe are true things – regardless of faith.

The problem with certain religions – like the LDS Church – is that it is one that claims to be “The ONE True Church”. That of  all of the religions/philosophies/whatever on the whole wide planet – this one is IT. Claiming something so extraordinary – to me – requires extraordinary evidence. While many members claim to have found their evidence – that they KNOW it is the one true church, their definition of evidence usually does not match up with mine.

Long story short – I discovered a lot of historical documentation,  or to me- real evidence, that the church isn’t what it claims to be, and my world was shattered. I am now picking up the pieces.

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