Washi Tape Dispenser and Organizer


DIY Shoebox Washi Tape Organizer and DispenserI have accumulated quite the collection of washi tape and it keeps growing! It’s just so darn cute, and I always seem to help myself to several rolls every time they go on sale!

Washi Tape


I’ve looked at many dispensers at the store and they are really expensive and they don’t even hold very much! So, I decided to make my own! While it doesn’t DISPENSE my whole collection, it does STORE all of it.

Here’s what you will need:

  1. A shoe box that is just under 12 inches wide
  2. Two 12-inch dowel rods
  3. Pack of two 10-inch hack saw blades
  4. Duct Tape
  5. Exacto Knife
  6. Glue Gun

Click through the image gallery below for each step or watch the full video tutorial below!

I also made a smaller one just for my holiday washi tape using a wax paper box!

Holiday Washi Tape Dispense - Wax Paper Box


For the smaller one you will need:

  1. Empty Wax Paper Box with Blade at top of box (not bottom-some are like this)
  2. Duct Tape
  3. 12 inch dowel rod
  4. Command Velcro Strips

I hope you found this useful! Hope you enjoyed! See you again soon!




For Your Keys!

DIY Key OrganizerI’ve been meaning to make this for forever. I’ve been hanging my keys on command hooks, which are functional of course, but not that pretty. So I thought it was time for an upgrade. I ended up being really happy with how this turned out and it looks great in my living room! Hope you find it useful!

Supplies Used

  • Wooden Plaque
  • Mug Hooks
  • Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Sandpaper or Nail File
  • Command Picture Hanging Strips
  • Chipboard or Sticker Letters (or any desired accessories!)

Steps (Click Pictures to Enlarge)

As usual you can watch my video tutorial below!

How the Craft Room Came to Be…

A Five+ Year Evolution

As I write this, I am sitting at my desk in my craft room, something I used to never do, because I couldn’t get to it, or it was buried under huge piles of clutter.  When I moved out of my parents house 5 years ago I didn’t have enough stuff to fill up 2 bedrooms. I had a crappy twin bed, this desk, and a dresser. I slept in this room my first year in my apartment because I didn’t want to put it all in the master bedroom to then have to move it all out when I bought “real” bedroom furniture.

My room when I first moved in in early 2009- What is now my craft room!

Since I could only afford either a living room set OR a bedroom set when I first moved out, I chose to buy a living room set. This was because I technically already had a bed, even though it’s springs were basically sticking out. So, for my whole first year on my own I had an empty master bedroom aside from a bunch of random clutter that gradually accumulated. It became the dumping room, where I would throw clutter quickly in the even of guests or whatever.

After a year, I managed to pay off my living room set, so I gave myself permission to then go ahead and finance a bedroom set. By this point I slept on my couch more than my twin bed because it was more comfortable. Ha!

It was so exciting. I bought this beautiful queen size sleigh bed, a new chest of drawers, a desk that I converted into a vanity by mounting a mirror on it, and a really nice (expensive) mattress. So in order to make room for the new bedroom set, I had to move the big mountain of clutter out of there and into the second bedroom (what I now call the craft room). Then over the course of about 2 years this room went from being a second bedroom, to a scene straight out of hoarders. I knew I wanted it to be a craft room/office, but I worked so much, and was also too tired and oftentimes, depressed, to really ever make any progress on organizing the room and purging clutter.

I would occasionally put a dent in the clutter and manage to organize some things, but I never could get things to stick, and I couldn’t maintain it because I had no system, and no real reason to keep it clean and organized. In retrospect, I had no clear purpose or goal for the space. So, for 3-4 years it was just that door you never opened. Sometimes, you literally COULDN’T open it.  It was out of bounds for guests. Like…NO! NO! Don’t go in there! Ahhh! NOOOOO!

If I ever did crafting projects, I would dig out the supplies I needed from this mess of a room and do the project in the living room. That’s where the TV was too, so I would marathon through TV shows on Netflix while making jewelry, or working on my dollhouse, or scrap-booking. All the while,  I was trying not to think about the ginormous mess that was this damned room.

Fast forward to July 2012, when I decided I was really gonna try to tackle this room. Partly because I was getting my first itch to start blogging. I wanted to blog about crafts, but I knew I would need a usable craft room to do that. So I wrote this blog post, where you can see what this room looked like at the time. It.was.awful. It gives me anxiety just looking at the pictures.

The “Craft Room” in 2012 -OMG! :-O

Well, I did manage to purge quite a lot at that time. I discovered the magical convenience of the Goodwill, I even wrote this blog post about it! However, it wasn’t until I decided to do youtube in late 2013/early 2014 that I finally got motivated enough to really get this room together.

The excitement to do YouTube FINALLY gave me strong incentive and it also gave this room a clear purpose. Not only did I need a functional craft room, I needed a studio. I wanted to have a consistent background for my videos, I wanted my craft room to be “blogger-level”. Having these goals in mind I was able to develop an organization system that would work to accomplish my goals.

Since getting the room organized, I have accomplished more in the last 6 months than I did in almost 5 years. While it does get messy sometimes, it has yet to get disorganized. There is a big difference!

Messes are just a side effect of productivity. As long as the organizational system stays intact, messes are easy to clean up. You simply pick up and put things back in their home.

This room is now my favorite room in my whole apartment! It inspires me and reminds me of what I am capable of. I can look at my beautiful Harry Potter shelf and reminisce, and absorb the bright colors and eclectic nature of the room, which just breeds inspiration.


Yay! It’s nice and organized! Finally!

The craft room tour video is the final product after years of failed organizing. I used to think I would literally never find a way to organize it. There were times I thought it would be disorganized mess forever. This video is proof, at least to me, that with hard work and some clear goals, you can accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

Watch the tour below! I am just so, so proud of it!


Decoupaged Mosaic (Jewelry Box Project Pt. 2)

Oh Hey! So in this previous post I blogged about how I created a customized velvet lined jewelry box from a plain scrapbooking storage cube. I wrapped up this project by doing a fun mosaic pattern with pieces of scrapbooking paper decoupaged onto the exterior. The cherry on top was to add some fun multi-colored nobs to replace the plain boring ones that came with the scrapbooking storage cube. Here is a small gallery of pictures!

 For the full tutorial watch the video below! Here is a list of the supplies I needed for this project.

  1. Storage Cube (but you could do this project with anything like a canvas or poster or whatever!)
  2. Scrapbooking paper in coordinating colors
  3. Scissors
  4. Mod Podge (I used the Hard Coat variety to give it durability)
  5. Mod Podge Squeegee
  6. Paint Brush
  7. Blow Dryer (to make each coat dry faster!)
  8. Coordinating Drawer Pulls

Use your imagination – this mosaic technique could be applied to almost anything! Hope you found this inspirational!

Velvet-Lined Jewelry Box

Velvet Lined Drawer Dividers
I recently had a friend mention that she was really struggling with how to organize her jewelry – earrings mostly. She had tried several methods – but all had failed for her. She said that what she really wanted was a drawer she could pull out and they would all just be there. She didn’t already have a drawer to use for this purpose so…of course…I was like….CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

This is the solution I came up with. I hope others will find it useful or inspirational.

While perusing Hobby Lobby….as one like me does on a frequent basis…..I came across this nifty little thing designed to be used for scrapbook paper storage.


I did not see it as that. Instead, all I saw was a great jewelry box! It was HUGE, which is great, as I knew my friend had quite a jewelry collection. On top of that, with my 40% off coupon it was only like $20. Score!

Never mind that the drawers are empty. Pshhh, I can fix that! So off I went.

Other supplies used included:

  • Foam Board
  • Cardboard (I used the box it came in for most of it!)
  • Velvet Fabric (I ended up using almost exactly a whole yard)
  • Exacto Knife and Cutting Mat
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s Glue-All
  • Glue Gun
  • Ruler/Measuring Tape
  • Pencil or Pen

See the video tutorial below for a complete walk through of how I completed this part of the project.

Yes, I decorated the exterior!  Of course! That is coming soon!


DIY Cereal Box Kitchen Organizer

I just hated keeping rolls of tin foil and plastic wrap in my drawers because I don’t have very many of them and they take up a lot of space!

I saw a similar idea on pinterest once so I thought I’d try to use up space on my cabinet door!

This is what I came up with!

Using only a cereal box, some pretty contact paper, and some coordinating duct tape!
I made a mildly comedic video tutorial you can watch on Youtube!