Beaded Birdcage Wind-Chime

So I have this big jar of beads I’ve been collecting for awhile. Most of them have imperfections, are one of a kind, or straight up ugly. They are the leftovers, never to be used individually.

Poor things….  they are just longing to become part of something pretty!

Glass Beads

I’ve been trying to figure out a project I could do to used up these beads. Even though they aren’t very pretty individually, they are quite pretty all together! So I had the thought, what about a beaded wind-chime! It’s a perfect springtime craft too! I love how it turned out!

Beaded Birdcage Wind-Chime

Here’s a list of everything I used to make it!

  • A mini birdcage (mine is from Hobby Lobby)
  • Lots of colorful glass beads
  • Invisible Cord
  • Plain Wind Chime (mine was $3 from Deals)
  • Birds and Bird’s Nest (mine are from Hobby Lobby)
  • Glue Gun
  • Twine


Click the gallery below for a step by step tutorial or you can watch my video on Youtube!

If you want to HEAR it, definitely check out my video!



DIY Umbrella Flower Bouquet

DIY Umbrella Flower Bouquet

So I’m writing this like a week after posting the video tutorial, because I am just that together.

The inspiration for this came from, where else, Pinterest, but there was not a single youtube tutorial to be found. So that is where I come in! I didn’t actually research anyone else’s tutorial, I just figured this one out as I went along! Turns out it is a little more than just simply stuffing some flowers into an umbrella, which is kinda what I thought initially. However, after all is said and done, it’s still pretty simple. I hope you will find it useful!

For the project you will need:

  • Umbrella (I got a child’s sized off of Amazon)
  • Silk Flower Assortment
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Twine/String
  • Clothes Pin
  • Ribbon
  • Safety Pins

Click the gallery for a step by step guide or watch the video!

For Your Keys!

DIY Key OrganizerI’ve been meaning to make this for forever. I’ve been hanging my keys on command hooks, which are functional of course, but not that pretty. So I thought it was time for an upgrade. I ended up being really happy with how this turned out and it looks great in my living room! Hope you find it useful!

Supplies Used

  • Wooden Plaque
  • Mug Hooks
  • Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Sandpaper or Nail File
  • Command Picture Hanging Strips
  • Chipboard or Sticker Letters (or any desired accessories!)

Steps (Click Pictures to Enlarge)

As usual you can watch my video tutorial below!

For Your Chewy Balls


So I made a cute dish that looks like a gumball machine! I saw this idea on pinterest a million years ago and I finally made one! I think it turned out super cute! This is easy and a great project to do with kids or adults! I have had several people tell me they have re-created this after seeing my video tutorial.



  • SuppliesBasic Terra Cotta Pot – Mine was 3 inches at the Bottom
  • Terra Cotta Pot Saucer – Mine was 4 inches
  • Basic Round Bowl Dish – Mine was 3 inches at the bottom (found at the dollar store!)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Accessories as Desired!

All you have to do it paint the pot in your desired color. I used PINK because…I dunno…unicorns? I also added a layer of glittery Mod Podge to the whole thing because….again…unicorns.


After that, just hot glue the pot to the glass dish.gluing





Just fill up your dish with delicious gumballs and you are all set! I staged mine with unicorns….duh! staged

For a step by step tutorial, check out my youtube video!

Plastic Canvas Dream Catchers!


Well, last weekend I got the plastic canvas out once again and made this pretty rainbow dreamcatcher! As I state in the video below, plastic canvas isn’t exactly in style right now, and that’s ok, not everything can be in style all the time! But I want to make it cool again! The trick is to avoid the terribly tacky patterns at the craft stores and make your own non-tacky designs!

My History with Plastic Canvas Crafts

I first learned the craft of plastic canvas needlepoint as a young 11-12 year old from my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Cole, when we lived in West Helena, AR. While it certainly wasn’t my favorite place to live, I gotta give credit where credit is due! Around Christmas time, during lunch, those of us who were interested, would sit around and stitch little stocking, candy cane, and wreath plastic canvas designs which we would glue safety pins to the back of and sell during lunch to raise money for the class. I don’t remember what we were raising money for, I think it was more a business lesson actually. You know, create a product, then advertise, sell the product, manage the money, etc. I LOVED it.

It was the first time I was able to learn to read a pattern and turn it into something I made – something good enough to SELL. Something I haven’t really tried again yet, but I plan to try in the future, I’m in the planning stages for an Etsy shop right now.

Anyway, it was at this time I asked my mom for a subscription to CRAFTS magazine. While I didn’t make very many things I saw in those magazines, mostly cuz I was a broke 12 year old – it fed my inspiration. It was like pinterest for me back then, before the internet even existed.

The rest is history…and now I have a whole room full to the brim with crafts supplies for all kinds of stuff- including the good ole plastic canvas and yarn. Where the collection started all those years ago.


Four Cute Ideas with $1 Frames!

Spent last weekend crafting like mad and will probably be doing the same thing for many weekends to come! I have a lot of things coming up that require a great deal of crafting like mother’s day and planning a baby shower for my soon-to-arrive nephew! I also like to keep it all on a tight budget if I can!

While perusing the dollar store I came across a huge amount of document frames – presumably because graduation is coming up, but I’m like…….I can turn those into something much cooler.

So I grabbed like 10 of them and got brainstorming. Here are 4 ideas that I came up with! You can watch the video below for more details and check out the gallery of photos below! My favorite is the sewing machine…but I’m happy with how they all turned out!



DIY Owl "Tapestry"

So, I meant to get this up by yesterday, but due to various circumstances it just didn’t happen. Editing video takes forever! Anyhow, I’m really happy with  how this little project turned out! Owls are really on trend right now and I LOVE IT! I wanted to take advantage so I came up with this! Enjoy my video tutorial of how I made mine! Let me know what you think!
Supplies Needed:
  1. Fabric in a Pattern of Your Choice (I Like HEAVY fabric for this, like duck cloth)
  2. Dowel Rods
  3. Yarn or Other Material to Hang Your Project
  4. Felt in Coordinating Colors
  5. Glue (I like my glue gun for this)
  6. Coordinating Ribbon
  7. Scissors
  8. Felt Tip Marker
  9. Buttons or other Decorative Accessories as desired
This took me about an hour, not including the time it took me to pick out my color palette, which usually takes me forever, once I knew my colors it was just cutting and gluing!