About Me!

Hi! I’m Samantha! I’m a California born, but Arkansas grown, University of Arkansas alumni, registered nurse, DIY/craft enthusiast, vlogger, blogger, and general nerd.

I discovered a passion for sharing my ideas and creations with the world through social media in late 2013.

In all honesty, before that time, I felt like I was living my life in black in white.

Now I am living life like it’s in IMAX 3D, and working as hard as I can to accomplish my goals and dreams!

I started blogging some of my thoughts in October 2013, and put my very first DIY/Craft video up on YouTube in early December 2013. In January 2014, I committed to making videos weekly and have never looked back!

It has changed my life. Before, I would just work my job as a nurse, then go home and watch too much TV, browse the internet, and be thoroughly unproductive. I barely kept house, ate nothing but junk, and was thoroughly miserable.

Now, I have done pretty good keeping up with making videos weekly, with only a couple missed weeks here and there (that I usually make up for with a 2-video week). Having something to come home to and work on has given my life momentum.

It’s the first thing I’ve done in a while that gets me more excited as I go along. Compared with other things that grow boring over time. Everyday I see my YouTube subscriber count grow and my motivation grows with it. I have a drive to create the best content I am capable of both on YouTube, here on my blog, and in my life.

I hope you will come with me on my journey. We may be in for an exciting ride together!


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