Giving Credit Where Credit is Due!

The Royalty Free Music of Kevin Macleod

KevinM Thumbail (square)

This is a shout out to the king of music on YouTube!

Just like in the movies, the soundtrack to any video is important. Choosing between the wrong music and the right music can make the difference between a good video and a bad one. I don’t care how beautiful your videography is how good your message is…you can ruin it with the wrong music choice.

Here’s the thing, in order to use music someone else produced, you have to have permission.

One way is by purchasing a license for use of designated royalty free music. I invite you to look up how much it costs to purchase a license for ONE track of music. Some of the cheapest I’ve seen start at around $6, over on they are $40 each, and some I have seen cost up to $120. Remember, this is for ONE track, some of them aren’t even that good!

This is where music that is licensed under the Creative Commons License becomes a lifesaver, and a wallet saver.

Basically, it’s free to use, no questions asked, just credit the composer and you are golden.There isn’t much of it out there. Understandable, as most composers prefer to sell their music. I can’t blame them. If I was a composer I would want to be paid for my work. Wouldn’t you?

There is one composer in particular that willingly uploads lots of music (2000+ tracks!)  to the internet for anyone to use free of charge. All he asks for is credit.

His name is Kevin Macleod and he doesn’t get nearly enough credit. His music is everywhere on YouTube. There are top name youtubers making thousands of dollars on videos that have his music in them. Kevin does not receive royalties on these videos, and apparently, he is okay with that.

I found his website very  quickly when doing my first search for music. I have found myself returning to it many times, as the quality and diversity of music on his website is hard to beat. I have used his music in a lot of my videos.

I don’t know much about this guy, but he is doing a great service to a lot of content creators out there. People who are like me, just getting started, and have a budget of about $0.00. I don’t know about you but Id’ like to know more about this guy!

I just discovered a Kickstarter campaign for a project that I am really interested in! An indie film maker named Ryan Camarda wants to produce a documentary about Kevin. I would LOVE to see it! I want to know what it is about this guy that makes him willingly give away very valuable content!

If you have ever used his music in a project, or simply want to applaud him for his work in a small way. Consider donating to this Kickstarter. There are only a couple days left and they are SO close to their goal! If you have used even ONE track, consider a donation. Even a $5 donation is less than you would pay for just one not-very-good song on a paid site! Plus, if the movie gets made because you helped, you’ll feel super important, and we all know that’s what you really want right!? Now GO!



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