Why I’m (Reluctantly) Taking Hobby Lobby Back

Okay, so Hobby Lobby kind of ticked me off a while ago. I went on a twitter tirade about their lawsuit  and talked about how I felt uncomfortable shopping there after the whole thing. Now look,  I don’t want to get into a political opinion battle here, the point is, they hacked me off with the whole “corporations have religious freedom thing”, which I think is utter crap.


So, we broke up, or rather, we took a break. I didn’t shop there again…….. until today. I held out for a while. I just bought craft supplies at alternate locations like Jo-Ann Fabrics, Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. I held out…until I needed something I could really only get there…for a decent price anyway.

But I’ve been doing some additional thinking on the matter. While I still don’t agree with their stance at all, I decided that if I was going to withdraw my business from them because they have done something I don’t like, then I should do this to ALL businesses that have done things I don’t agree with. Long story short…I wouldn’t be able to shop anywhere. Wal-mart irritates the daylights out of me, with their reputation for bad pay and bad benefits, but I still shop there regularly. Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy made some outspoken remarks about gay marriage that I don’t agree with, but I eat there…a lot…because I’m 90% sure they put crack in their breading and I’m addicted! Amazon…don’t even get me started…overworked employees, magical tax-exempt status…. get the picture?

Here’s the thing, I’m sure if you looked into the details of any big corporate business, there would be questionable moral or ethical practices happening in most of them. They are made up of people, who are sometimes corrupt or believe in dumb things. It’s a fact of this world.

So, until I learn how to live in a world without Walmart, Chick-fil-A, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby, I’m just gonna treat them all the same, I’m an equal opportunity passive activist!

I do feel a little like I’m caving in on standing for what I believe, all for some decently priced washi-tape, but I’m not gonna let some political BS get in the way of my hobbies, hobbies that make me really happy. So….that’s that. I’m reluctantly taking Hobby Lobby back.

I’ll take the the most-pathetic activist award on this issue. To me…this one just isn’t worth the hassle…for now.



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