I Understand…

offeringhopeDriving home this evening, I was struck by the sunset, there was a great cloud directly in front of the sun, the cloud was glowing from behind, creating a gorgeous halo around the tufts of water vapor sending visible light-rays shooting upward toward the heavens.

It was truly beautiful.

I come home and discover the sad news. Robin Williams has left our midst. The world collectively mourns. An outpouring of love expressed in tweets and articles lauding his legacy.

How many others have left us today? He was undoubtedly one of a great many.

I feel the reminders of our mortality are coming all too often as of late. Whether by nature, accident, or intention…the sudden sting of death effects those of us who live on.

Yet, life goes on…

I dread the day I lose someone I know and love dearly. It is perhaps my greatest fear. Someday, I know, I will face that fear. But I cannot and will not live my life in fear. I only have one, and I plan to make damn good use of it!

There was a time when I coveted the restful slumber of those who have come and gone. I understand the desire to just…rest. The cloud of depression and anxiety are overwhelming, and for some the weight of it all becomes like a terminal illness.

Wars are raging worldwide in the minds of millions, camouflaged behind laughter and jokes. People suffer in silence, not knowing who to turn to, or who will understand.

I understand.

Please ask someone for help. Life can be good even when it’s hard.



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