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Thoughts From My First Real Tag Video

So on July 24th while I was on my lunch I got a tweet from Travis Peter, my friend from Youtube/Vidcon.

I was pretty excited to be tagged for the first time, it made me feel like I was truly becoming a part of the youtube community. When I got home I was super anxious and excited to watch his video and see what I was gonna have to do. Travis’ video was flipping hilarious. He used the speech jammer app while reading a scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. I laughed SO HARD! You need to watch it. It is perfect.

I was super pumped to do it myself. I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do…explain a DIY while I was using the app. I filmed it the same weekend I did my craft room tour video, because I had a request to do that as well, and I wanted to get them both done ASAP. It ended up being so much fun to shoot and edit. I basically just decorated an empty teddy bear canister so I could use it to store craft supplies, which was crazy simple to make, but to explain it while hearing a delay of my voice! Ha! That made it interesting! I think what made the whole thing even more awesome, was that the day after releasing my video, another one of my Youtube/Vidcon friends Jessica Happens, who makes daily vlogs, talked about my speech jammer video in HER video.

Here is her video!

It was such a cool thing to hear her talk about how much my video made her laugh and that she wanted to do it also. It just made me feel so good! To make someone laugh, what I great thing, someone who lives all the way in San Diego was affected by my video enough to talk about it in her vlog, and in several others after that! She even ended up taking a special trip to the library a few days later to get a particular book to read so she could do the tag on her channel!

This is what I love about the youtube community, I get to interact with others in a truly meaningful way! We all can affect each other’s lives! Whether I can make someone laugh, or teach someone how to create something, or just be a smile in someone’s bad day. That is such a powerful and awesome thing.

So, here it is, I sound drunk the entire time the app is on. As my friend Travis commented, I may have a  future in drunk crafting! Haha…we’ll see…

Watch my video below!



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