Spontaneous Cinnamon Toast

photo credit: jessamyn via photopin cc

photo credit: jessamyn via photopin cc

Scrolling through my youtube feed, just lounging on the couch, I came across Hank Green’s vlogbrothers video about how he makes cinnamon toast. It struck me as absolutely hysterical! It was so freaking random and cleverly edited! You should definitely watch it!

Anyway, I had never tried making toast using this strange “soggy method” before, I was also pretty bored at the time. “Why not conduct an experiment on video?”, I thought? So I turned in the camera, did some simple editing, and out popped this little gem. It was spontaneous, random, and fun! I hope to produce other random content like this in the future. There is something to be said for this type of spontaneous content! I loved it! I didnt overthink it, and it was really simple, two things I need more of in my life! I tend to overthink absolutely everything in my life. I worry a lot about details that no one besides myself even notices, and it can be exhausting! So to shoot a video just on the spot was a nice change from my usual pre-plan the pre-plan, then pre-plan the plan, plan, shoot, edit, reshoot, edit, make thumbnail, redo the thumbnail, upload, and promote. This was all just quick decisions, and no second guessing! Freedom!
Watch my video down below!


featured photo credit: jessamyn via photopin cc


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