Father’s Day Trophies!

This craft was based off a craft I did last year for father’s day, where my cousins and I  used paper cups and little boxes from the dollar store to make trophies that we decoupaged. They turned out super cute and I still love them.

Paper Cup Trophies

Paper Cup Trophies

My Decoupaged Trophy

I gave the trophy I made last year to my grandfather, and he loved it!

But…my own  father didn’t get one. :-/.

This year I wanted to fix that little problem, but I wanted my dad’s to be EPIC.

So I went to the dollar store. Duh!

In the glass section I found a glass vase, candlestick, and dish that all fit super well together!

Dollar Store Glass Things

Big Vase






See? Perfect!

See?  Fits Perfect!

Just spray painted the “base” black, and the hot glued together candlestick and vase gold!

Hot glue it all together and you get the trophy! Pretty legit!


All that was left was accessories!

I did a windsor knot with black ribbon, added music note stickers, and wrapped some gold ribbon around the bottom, and that’s it!

My dad loved it! I was super happy with how it turned out!

DIY Trophy

Smaller DIY Trophy




I also made a smaller version with a tin can and a dollar store glass water goblet! Super cute!




For a more complete tutorial watch my youtube video!


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