TFIOS Crafts!

In preparation for the movie release of The Fault in Our Stars, I decided to do some quick and easy crafts to celebrate and prepare (hence the tissue pack).

I knew I would need some tissues during the movie, and I couldn’t find any portable tissue packs around the house, so I decided to make one themed after the book and film. All I needed was some felt, glue or thread, and tissues! Super simple and cute!

My new video project4_FreezeFrame

1.Fold felt around stack of folded tissues with a slight overlap on top

2.Cut to Size

3.Glue or Stitch Edges Shut

4. Cut out felt clouds and glue in place


My new video project4_FreezeFrame_1

1. Use Sharpie PAINT Markers to Draw Clouds in Black and White

2. Ensure the clouds dry COMPLETELY before writing OK/OKAY on them.

3. Fill in around with favorite quotes.

TFIOS Earrings


1. Cut 2 White and 2 Black cloud shapes from craft foam

2. Glue Jewelry Pin in between 2 cloud shapes

3. Attach earring wire hook to pin.


For a complete visual step by step, check out the video tutorial below from my youtube channel!


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