Plastic Canvas Dream Catchers!


Well, last weekend I got the plastic canvas out once again and made this pretty rainbow dreamcatcher! As I state in the video below, plastic canvas isn’t exactly in style right now, and that’s ok, not everything can be in style all the time! But I want to make it cool again! The trick is to avoid the terribly tacky patterns at the craft stores and make your own non-tacky designs!

My History with Plastic Canvas Crafts

I first learned the craft of plastic canvas needlepoint as a young 11-12 year old from my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Cole, when we lived in West Helena, AR. While it certainly wasn’t my favorite place to live, I gotta give credit where credit is due! Around Christmas time, during lunch, those of us who were interested, would sit around and stitch little stocking, candy cane, and wreath plastic canvas designs which we would glue safety pins to the back of and sell during lunch to raise money for the class. I don’t remember what we were raising money for, I think it was more a business lesson actually. You know, create a product, then advertise, sell the product, manage the money, etc. I LOVED it.

It was the first time I was able to learn to read a pattern and turn it into something I made – something good enough to SELL. Something I haven’t really tried again yet, but I plan to try in the future, I’m in the planning stages for an Etsy shop right now.

Anyway, it was at this time I asked my mom for a subscription to CRAFTS magazine. While I didn’t make very many things I saw in those magazines, mostly cuz I was a broke 12 year old – it fed my inspiration. It was like pinterest for me back then, before the internet even existed.

The rest is history…and now I have a whole room full to the brim with crafts supplies for all kinds of stuff- including the good ole plastic canvas and yarn. Where the collection started all those years ago.



One thought on “Plastic Canvas Dream Catchers!

  1. Kathleen says:

    Oh my gosh that was so cute & so easy to make. I am going to make one for everyone in my family & extended family (my co-workers), and maybe just to pass out just because. Thank you for this.

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