Quietest Place – The Art Assignment

20140517-031323.jpgI have been hearing about The Art Assignment from various nerdfighters, so I finally looked into it. It’s a great new web-series that will periodically give an assignment that people can do at their leisure and submit it for the world to enjoy. I really liked the most recent assignment, which was to take a walk somewhere and find a nice quiet spot, soak it in for a bit, and then take pictures or shoot video from that location.

Being the video creating addict I have recently become, I shot video, of coarse.

It was nice to set aside some time to head over to Lake Fayetteville and enjoy the nice spring weather. I was struck by how aware I became of every little sound. The sound of the wind, my feet in the leaves, the really loud talkers in the gazebo who probably had no idea how loud they were.

I had to venture deeper into the woods than I thought to find a spot that would be as quiet as possible. Even when I found it, the sound of a train’s horn or emergency vehicle would occasionally break the silence. Of course there was almost always a bird chirping or a squirrel that would be running through the woods but to me the sounds of nature comes in stark contrast to the sounds of society.

The sounds of society seem unique, more harsh. Even the sound of thunder would feel less harsh to me than the sound of a train or an ambulance. I found that anytime the natural sounds were interrupted by the sound of a biker going by, or someone talking, it became like nails on chalkboard to me. I wanted to immerse myself in the silence around me – and only hear what nature had to tell me.

Removing myself from the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life, even just for an hour or so, was a welcome respite, a little time to focus on my mental health, ponder the direction my life is taking, and just be grateful to be alive.

I plan to take such ventures into the woods more often. With the much welcome arrival of spring weather, I plan to take advantage as often as I can!

Here is the video I made for #TheArtAssignment




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