Decoupaged Mosaic (Jewelry Box Project Pt. 2)

Oh Hey! So in this previous post I blogged about how I created a customized velvet lined jewelry box from a plain scrapbooking storage cube. I wrapped up this project by doing a fun mosaic pattern with pieces of scrapbooking paper decoupaged onto the exterior. The cherry on top was to add some fun multi-colored nobs to replace the plain boring ones that came with the scrapbooking storage cube. Here is a small gallery of pictures!

 For the full tutorial watch the video below! Here is a list of the supplies I needed for this project.

  1. Storage Cube (but you could do this project with anything like a canvas or poster or whatever!)
  2. Scrapbooking paper in coordinating colors
  3. Scissors
  4. Mod Podge (I used the Hard Coat variety to give it durability)
  5. Mod Podge Squeegee
  6. Paint Brush
  7. Blow Dryer (to make each coat dry faster!)
  8. Coordinating Drawer Pulls

Use your imagination – this mosaic technique could be applied to almost anything! Hope you found this inspirational!


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