Getting the Message Out on Healthcare: The Importance of Non-Traditional Media

I am a currently a  28 year old with decent employment that comes with affordable healthcare benefits. I am grateful to be in such a job. One perk to working in healthcare is that is often comes with relatively affordable healthcare.

I have been mostly dismissing a lot of the buzz surrounding the Affordable Care Act until recently, mostly because I felt it didn’t really affect me personally because I have insurance. However, lately I have changed my tune a little, and now feel I need to be educated on what is going on, just in case. You never know when things might change. Also, for the sake of educating others. I am usually hesitant to talk politics, but this one is pretty important.


I found it very interesting when some of the top YouTubers were called to the White House to meet with the President. I am subscribed to many of them such as Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley, and The Fine Brothers, to name a few.

The objective was clear, get them to talk to their audiences about signing up for the government health insurance. Apparently, not enough young  HEALTHY people are signing up to offset the cost of the older and not-so-healthy. Not to mention, that those who go without insurance will be FINED on their taxes for going without insurance. I didn’t know that was actually happening. If I had not been subscribed to these people and heard what they were talking about, I probably wouldn’t have ever known, because I pretty much don’t watch traditional media these days. Mostly because I don’t want to pay for it, because cable is freaking expensive.

Obama was right in that these Youtubers can reach out to their audience in a way that is pretty unique. They aren’t traditional celebrities, so that gives them a more down-to-earth/relatable vibe,  but they also have HUGE online followings, particularly with….yup….you guessed it…..YOUNG people. Just the people they need.

Well, I think it is working. It worked for me. They got the message to me. I truly didn’t know what was going on until I heard people on Youtube talking about it. That is the power of non-traditional media platforms like YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, or whatever your favorite is. This is the future, and I think it is fascinating and exciting. Part of why I want to be involved.

Anyway, love or hate this situation, it looks like it is rolling forward. If I didn’t have insurance with my job, this is probably what I would be signing up for because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t afford private insurance outright. I haven’t looked at premiums lately, but I know they can be pretty high.

I will always be an advocate for STRONGLY ENCOURAGING people to have health insurance of some kind. This Affordable Care Act clearly has some bugs that need to be worked out, but I am glad SOMETHING is happening to try to increase the number of those covered. The cost of healthcare in this country is ludicrous and if you end up in the hospital even just for a few days and you don’t have coverage you are SCREWED. Yes, there are often spin downs and discounts that can dramatically reduce bills for the uninsured, but you will still be thousands of dollars in the hole, and some people can NEVER pay it, EVER. All the money that you got discounted or straight up never paid adds to the overall cost for the hospital which then contributes to even higher costs in the future. It is a snowball situation that is out of control and it’s getting worse.

The money that goes into paying premiums funds care. If enough people pay into the system on the front end, I think, in theory overall costs could start to drop over time. This won’t happen quickly, but the idea is that in the long run costs will drop. We have to stop the snowball somehow. There will never be a perfect solution, but I am glad something is happening.

As young people, whether we are privately insured or not, we need to remain insured and we must remain informed on what is going on. Eventually we will be the older, not-so-healthy people and we will need the young people to be paying their part into the system so in the long run, costs will be lower and lower for each future generation.

I’m sure this is an over-simplistic breakdown, but it’s how I interpret the information I am currently aware of, and I am glad Youtubers were involved because those are my peeps!

Let me know what you think! Leave me a comment or tweet me @SamanthaKamilos

Let’s make our future great together!





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