Video: Birthday Time Capsule

Well, today is my 28th birthday. Birthdays can sometimes be kind of weird for me.  My thought are often filled with reminiscing and reflection on another year gone by. This one started out as an ordinary day. I went to work in the morning, like an adult person does. I was fortunate to get off early and take the time to come home, get prettified, and shoot this time capsule video. This is a trend on Youtube that I really like. Making a video that I can re-watch in 5 years. It was unscripted and candid. I think watching it in 5 years will be really weird, but awesome. I found the experience of making it quite satisfying and would recommend the experience, even if you just make it and keep it to yourself.

Afterwards I joined my sisters Mary, Jessica, and Lacey for a relaxing dinner at Hunan Manor. (Leah we missed you!) We just took the time to have some good sister/girl time. It was really nice. Afterwards we got some delicious frozen yogurt and talked some more. We talked about our upcoming roles becoming aunties/mommies, and are all pinching ourselves that we have actually come to that point in our lives.

I am so fortunate to have so many great people in my life who care about me.

Thanks to all who sent well wishes to me today. I am truly grateful. This year is gonna be a good one! I can feel it!


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