Finally Made a Decision! I Am Merging My Blogs!


Yes, I will blog all my musings, writings, crafting, tutorials…whatever… here at

I agonized over this because most of the advice on blogging I have come across suggests keeping things categorically separate. This way your readers know what to expect, and therefore are more likely to subscribe if it is a topic they are interested in. I really thought I should probably have a specific DIY/Craft blog since I worry that there is likely a very specific audience for that and that having a multi-topic blog can potentially confuse readers about what you are all about.

I originally went with this advice. I even purchased a custom domain. would be my site for all things crafty and DIY. I was thinking I would do a Youtube channel as a companion for it. Nice and neat. Right?

Well, all of the Youtube advice out there is the exact opposite.They almost all say to stick with ONE channel. Especially when you are new. Building a Youtube audience is a slow and grueling process as is. Trying to build an audience with TWO channels just doubles the work of building an overall group of people who know who you are.

So, in the end, I am going to risk any potential “confusion”.  This is my personal blog/website so I am going to blog about what I care about. Sometimes it will be about a book or a movie, like my last post. Sometimes it will be a craft tutorial. Sometimes it will just be my musings on life. That is what this blog is. It is about finding the awesome in everyday so everyday it will be something different, and that is a great thing.

Obviously, I am just starting out on this crazy internet journey. I hope you will join me and we can be friends. We will see if I made the right decision! I hope so! At least for now I am relieved to have chosen a path and I am ready to press forward.


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