Video: Top Ten Cleaning Frustrations

Just another silly little video I made last weekend.  I am having so much fun learning to shoot and edit video! Whether or not this little hobby can be turned into something more I don’t really care right now because I’m having so much fun!  I’m still learning the finer points of voice-over and editing. I wish I had better audio equipment, but I’m determined to work with what I have for now, additional equipment really isn’t in the budget right now. I may re-edit and then re-upload because I did not realize about the 2 minutes of black screen at the end till after I uploaded. Apparently there was some random blank space at the end of the video I didn’t catch in the editing software. Oh well…live and learn.

I have lots of ideas, some I’m just not sure how to pull off just yet, especially since I do all the shooting and editing on my own. SO if anyone ever wants to collaborate with me let me know! It could be fun!!!

Working on this weekends video soon!


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