Video: Some Great News + What I’m Reading

I found out that I’m gonna be an aunt back in November, but then yesterday we learned  that IT’S A BOY! I’m gonna have a nephew! Here are some pictures!

1st Ultrasound It's A Boy!

You ever get excited about an idea? Then get a little overzealous about said idea? That happened to me. I have been so excited by the idea of blogging and “youtubing” that I made some crazy goals. I was all like “I’m gonna update 3x per week!”. Well, then reality sets in that I have a million other things that have to be managed in my life, like working full time, maintaining a clean house, trying to get in better shape, not to mention still having a social life! I just have so much I want to do, but I also have to realize that I have to set some limits so I don’t get overwhelmed like I have in the past. My apartment is super tidy right now and I’m determined to maintain it!

Anyway, I am going to commit to ONCE a week blogging and youtube videos. I will aim to post every Saturday. If I get extra time I might post more than that, those will just be BONUS!

I also want to make an effort to read more this year, currently I’m reading Jim Gaffigan’s Dad is Fat, which is hilarious. Next up on my list is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.



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