New Year and New Dreams

I feel like I’m on the brink of a breakthrough…. I’m not sure what, but I can feel it on the horizon. A feeling that I just need to hang in there because something great is coming.

Two thousand and thirteen was a pretty rough year for me. It was a year of redefinition. It was a year of discovery. It was a year that brought a loneliness upon me the likes of which I have never experienced while simultaneously experiencing a marked increase in my social life. It was a year of confusion and crossroads and new experiences. I am glad it happened, but I am glad it is over.

I spent the year OBSESSED with making sure my decision to leave religion behind was the right one. I was so obsessed I could hardly pay attention to anything else. So much reading and studying and pondering. I felt anger and disappointment, while also feeling the most liberated I’ve ever felt, mostly from all the religious guilt I used to carry around as well.  To all of you who have had to listen to me talk about it all year long I am sorry for being such a broken record. I can’t promise the topic will go away, but I am going to try to decrease the frequency.

 I am ready for a new obsession, I think I want to just throw myself into my hobbies. Focus on getting more out of every day. I want to obsess about getting more healthy and happy. I want to make this a great year.

I want to make my breakthrough. I want to make some dreams come true.

It’s day one…..


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