Painting, Painting, and More Painting!

So I haven’t updated in FOREVER, but I’m starting back! Even though I haven’t posted since February I have been creatin’ the whole time!

March 30th I went to Painting with a Twist for the first time with a big group of coworkers and my cousin Christina. It was awesome. Everyone was so relaxed (lots of wine around) and the atmosphere was just so much fun. I didn’t care that the painting was of a glass of wine. It set something off in my head. I LOVE PAINTING!

I went again like 2 weeks later again with Christina and did this pretty interpretation of Monet’s Lillies

After that I was ready to try painting more on my own. It was just so therapeutic for me. And with everything going on my life, I need that.
I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some canvas and some basic acrylics and got to brainstorming.
I thought, what would be easy to paint? I had no idea, I just wanted to do something fun and cute. I went googling for ideas and somehow or another I came across the idea to do Pikachu! I just did a small canvas to start. I had so much fun with it I picked another one of my favorite cute Pokemon… Jigglypuff! Maybe a month later, I added Togepi to the set. 3 of the cutest pokemon are now on my wall!
I know …..I’m a dork!
Next I knew I would have to try to do something Harry Potter but I didn’t know where to start. Well, I went googling again for inspiration and came across this blog post and I loved it! So I tried to make one as well. This is what I accomplished! Ended up using 2 canvasses since I didn’t have a big one.
 Not too bad!
What else….. Christina asked if I wanted to paint something for Aaron and that he was really into Luigi’s Mansion so I painted this! Fun! He liked it! Well…he actually said, “That’s Silly!” From a 4 year old I took it as a compliment!
I also had loved the Lillies painting so I decided to do another one with some different colors. I ended up taking this one to California with me and giving it to my Grandparents. Sorry for the bad lighting.
One day in May I decided to just paint this. I wanted something summery for my living room. Only took a couple hours. Just something fun and easy.
Once summer came into full swing I got pretty busy and didn’t get to paint much. I focused more on some other crafts which you can read about in my other posts!
Recently I got to go back to Painting with a Twist several times each time with someone else who had never been! I should get some kind of referral discount!
I did this one with Holiday!
This one with Deanna and Christina! I like this wine painting more than the last! Plus, I actually drink wine occasionally now so it’s not as weird to have it in my kitchen! Ha! Sorry to anyone if that offends you but there it is!!!
And finally this one with Laura, just in time for Halloween!
Phew! That is a lot of painting since March! I love it and will try to post more often so I don’t have to do such a big backlog!
For me, the creative act of painting, whether it’s an original of mine or just a rendition, is very therapeutic in that it occupies my time, helps me express myself in a healthy way, and doing it with people is even better! That’s why I love Painting with a Twist so much!!! So thanks to the fine people over there!

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