Purple and Teal Bedroom

Just wanted to go ahead and follow up on the status of my bedroom. Back when I first started this blog I started a huge reorganizing/purging process that didn’t really end until like…..now. I purged my whole apartment and made a few decorative changes in the process. Previous to the changes the colors in my bedroom were pretty much purple, purple, purple, light purple, and some silver. I decided it was a little too monochromatic but I still like the purple. So I kept everything I already had (curtains, bed linens, etc) and just added a pop of a little color called teal. I have completely fallen in LOVE with this color combination. This is what I came up with!

The teal sheers I made myself because teal sheers just weren’t available for purchase, at least not with grommets. I didn’t make a tutorial with photos because I didn’t think about it at the time….sorry. But it’s basically 2.5 yards of fabric hemmed to match the length of my existing pannels. I hammered the grommets to the top and then ironed some ribbon over my hem line because it wasn’t very pretty, and it added some shine. Considering it was my first time with something like this I think they turned out pretty well! Just don’t get too close…. ha!
Oh, and the teal pillow is NO SEW and I got the idea via pinterest from this blog HERE. It worked really well! I just secured it with a couple safety pins when I tucked the ends in. EASY!
I also added the teal fabric strip and flower to the lamp shade for an extra pop. It’s one of those hair flowers you can get at the craft store. 

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