Crayon Splatter Art

Well my latest craft experiment was a twist on crayon art. I’ve seen all the melted crayon ideas on pinterest and had been pondering for some time how to do my own version without being a complete copycat. Well, it dawned on me. Why not do a splatter painting? I’ve always like paint versions but I’ve never made one because I just figured it would be too messy as I live in a fully carpeted apartment and I don’t have a good outdoor place to go and throw paint around. Well this is my solution. Controlling crayon splatter is much easier and there are SO MANY COLORS FOR LIKE SUPER CHEAP. Instead of having to buy a thousand colors of paint….CRAYONS!

I just laid down a cheap dollar store shower curtain to protect the carpet, set my blow dryer to it’s highest setting and started melting away.

By alternating between holding the crayon close to the canvas or farther away I could control how the wax would hit the canvas. You can also fling the melty crayon itself at the canvas for big drops or just allow the air stream from the blow dryer to fling the wax around. It’s a fun experiment process, seeing how angles and such affect the splatter. This is how my first one turned out.

Just be careful where you point to blow dryer  make sure you don’t point it at something you don’t want melted crayon all over that you will have to then scrape off.

My next one I did a little experimenting with remelting my splatter. Hard to explain exactly but this is how it turned out.

I then painted some mini canvases black… and used the white, gray, and silver crayons. I really like how these turned out.
I had so much fun with these and had 3 more small canvasses so I made these….
I made all of these in like the course of 6ish hours, while watching a marathon of ’24’ on Netflix. 
Like I said, the possibilities are ENDLESS. I want to make more! SO EASY!


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