I’m about to start fresh! For like 2 YEARS I’ve been collecting stuff in my spare closet that I am “going to sell in a yard sale sometime”. Well I have never found the time or energy to actually do said yard sale so I am packing it all in my car tonight and donating it tomorrow. Yup, gonna drive down to my local Goodwill tomorrow morning and give it all away.

I don’t think I can start any more craft projects or anything until I get this place a little more tidy and with some room to grow! 

How is it that I’ve lived on my own for just 3 years and I am already exploding out of my 2 bedroom, 900 SF apartment that I have all to myself? 

I think I am a mildly suppressed hoarder. Well it ends now! 
This, my friends, is what I am dealing with. Everything is out to be sorted!

These are the “before photos”. Now I’m off to work. Hopefully, tomorrow things will look different. 


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